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The legal system is part of everyone's life, from birth, marriage, divorce, and death. Unfortunately, the Court is often associated with the worst time in a person's life. Many people are angry, sad, scared, or hurt when they interact with attorneys, thus leaving a bad taste in their mouths. I want to change that impression.

To start, the bureaucracy of the legal system can be frustrating and confusing. I want to coach people through this tangled system. Looking at your current situation in a holistic manner. Often people fail to look at the entire circumstance of a person's life when making a legal action plan, thus not making the best legal decisions.

Many scenarios drag people to the courthouse steps. It could be medical bills piling up, credit cards in collections, or a pending foreclosure action that threatens your home. These circumstances can be caused by job loss, divorce, or the death of a family member. No matter what the cause, it is always stressful.

Or maybe you and/or your family are trying to estate plan, writing wills and trusts, health care proxies, and living wills to take care of those left behind in the chance of your death. Perhaps your elderly parents require Medicare planning to ensure they have funds to live. Regardless of where you are at the intersection of life and the legal system, it is always wise to consult an attorney.

Cost is another reason people shy away from attorneys and courts. I provide affordable, transparent pricing, offering flat fees, as well as payment options for everyone to benefit from an attorney. I do this by providing unbundled services, document preparation, and coaching. Additionally, I provide full-service representation, but most frequently, I help people with guidance, advice, and coaching to navigate the legal system.

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Legal Coaching and Document Preparation

At Law Office of Samantha Fix, we provide the following legal services.

Coaching and Doc Preparation

Legal Coaches Do Law Differently. The goal is to promote access to the legal system by providing affordable and quality legal services and giving self-represented litigants and clients support and guidance from qualified attorneys.  

Legal coaches and clients partner together to help the clients set reasonable goals and navigate the legal process and system. While remaining client-focused, costs are predetermined, such as flat fees and payment plans. 

Bankruptcy the Unbundled Way

To give you some general information regarding Bankruptcy. There are two types of consumer Bankruptcy Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. The main difference between a 7 and a 13 is that in a 7, you do not repay any of your debt. In a 13, you repay a portion of your debt. Only some qualify for a 7, based on a statutory means test. You can reaffirm debts such as car payments, mortgages, and other secured debts.

Filing bankruptcy in New York costs $313 to $338, but fee waivers and payment plans exist. For an attorney to present you in a Bankruptcy matter, the cost ranges from $2300 for a simple Chapter 7 to $7500 for a complex Chapter 13.

I offer an alternative structure that saves you money and looks at your legal situation holistically:

  1. I do legal coaching and document preparation. That means we discuss your legal matter and choose your best action.
  2. You provide me with all the documents I need to prepare for your petition. Once I have all the documents, I draft the petition.
  3. We have a Zoom meeting to review the petition and make any changes.
  4. I coach you on filing and doing the 341 hearing.

Legal coaching and document preparation cost $1000 for a simple chapter 7 without adverse proceedings, student loan disputes, or other mediations. Or attend a Chapter 7 Seminar for $500. If you go to a seminar and decided document preparation or full representation is more suitable the cost of the seminar will go towards any other services.

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"Bankruptcy" "Family Law" "Foreclosure Defense" "Unbundled Legal Services" Lawyer

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Samantha Fix  New York Attorney is currently having a Legal seminar for Litigants interested in filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Pro Se. 

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